The American Weather


"[The American Weather's] music is the modern Americana, as if you were to take a road trip, leaving the warm sensibility of a safe and dullard existence to seek out your fortune as a real human being..." -Joseph Timmons/Indie Pulse Music

"Channeling the growl and angst of The Doors and the mysticism of early Soundgarden, The American Weather have crafted a unique style that’s not driven by nostalgia, but the simple inner-workings those artists utilized." - Aaron Cooper/50thirdand3rd

Having started their first musical endeavor before any of them had even started high-school, It's fair to say these boys have had a lot of time to develop the musical dynamic that only years of playing together really can. Between various dirty garages and dusty living rooms this group's organic garage-band upbringing shines in defiance of modern pop-culture's artificial and synthetic norm.

Simple, groovy, catchy, loud, but most importantly, real. The American Weather is the songwriting of Anthony Krantz, showcased by a powerhouse of a rhythm section featuring bassist Jaz Kelso and Aaron Golubic on drums.


Photographer: Tylor Thuirer